2017 Primary WRRA Stock Car Track Sponsor 

Updated 12-13-17


1. Any American made rear wheel drive car. Any full size half-ton truck, manufactured by Ford, General Motors, or Chrysler. No vans, 4WD’s or sport utilities.

2. Wheel base minimum shall be 107.5 inches.

3. Car and/or truck bodies must have the appearance of a stock car and be all steel. No other type of metal allowed. Plastic nose caps or valances permitted.

1. Engine and related components must remain stock as manufactured. No angle plug heads, bow tie blocks or heads. No vortex heads. Blocks, heads, intake and exhaust manifolds must be OEM cast iron. No rollerized valve train components. No grinding, polishing, or porting of any kind to the intake exhaust runners or manifolds. Engine must be mounted in stock position. Solid motor mounts allowed.

2. No stroker engines. 602 crate motors are optional; seals must remain intact, rev limiter 6200 chip max, OEM soft touch rev control allowed.

3. No roller cams, flat tappet cams only. Screw in rocker arm studs, OK. No stud girdles allowed.

4. Radiators must be mounted in stock position. Electric cooling fans are permitted. Radiator spray bar, pump and reservoir are permitted. Maximum reservoir capacity is five (5) gallons. System must be operational. Reservoir and system components must be securely mounted. Reservoir can only be mounted in driver’s compartment.

5. Exhaust must exit beyond the body. No exhaust components in driver compartment.

6. Distributors must be OEM or OEM direct replacement, no magneto’s.

7. Spec carburetor - Unmodified Holley 4412 only, not to exceed 500 cfm, with use of restrictor plate from RSR/RFR. Tampering with restrictor plate will carry penalties and fines. A $250 fine and loss of all points prior to the incident will be assessed.
a. No after-market metering blocks.
b. Changing of squirters, jets, and power valves is OK.
c. Removal of choke plate mandatory. 
d. All 4412’s are subject to passing a no-go gauge.
e. One (1) adapter no more than one (1) inch in height, no tampering allowed.
8. Gasoline/110 race fuel OK, no methanol.

9. Electrical fuel pumps OK with an oil pressure switch or inertia switch mandatory.

10. OEM and factory transmissions mandatory. Working stock torque converter with fluid required. Stock clutch mandatory. Manual transmissions must have a minimum ¼ inch flat strap or some sort of protective shield on the bell housing. Steel Fly wheels only.

11. Locked rear ends optional. No traction control device allowed. Nine inch Ford allowed. 1 inch inspection hole in rear end center section required. Full floater rear axle allowed. Drive shaft must be painted white with car number on it. Drive shaft hoop mandatory.

1. Uni-body car may create frame to tie front and rear suspension together must go from rear of front sub to front of rear sub only and no under-slung rear suspension. Shocks must mount in stock location using stock mounts. Frame strengthening allowed.

2. Suspension mounting points, trailing arms and sway bars must remain stock factory unmodified. No weight jacking devices, spring spacers, adjustable spring shackles, sliders, or lowering blocks. Suspension components must match year, make and model of the car. 1 inch wheel spacers are allowed. Spindle savers are optional.

3. IMCA stamped non-adjustable upper control arms are allowed. Steel shaft, non-adjustable, stock length replacement tubular upper control arms for Camaros allowed.

4. One (1) inch lug nuts mandatory.

5. No recaps, heavy lug, mud terrain or studded snow tires. DOT rated street legal tires or G60-15 tires allowed. Tires must not be any wider than 9 inch tread max. IMCA branded G60-15 tires are optional.

6. No additional weight or ballast of any kind may be added anywhere on the car.

7. Steering system must be stock or OEM replacement for make and model used. Steering shaft may be changed but it must be a collapsible type shaft. After market power steering pumps are allowed.

8. No steering quickeners allowed.

9. Front and rear bumpers are required and must be chained securely to the frame, rounded inward, or attached to fenders. No excessive reinforcement of the bumper (at discretion of track officials)