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Mini Modified Class Rules

*****All NON SAFETY rules are allowed, if they are allowed at any Northern Nevada track, for the Pro-4 or Mini-Modified class(s). We want your cars at our track! You must follow WRRA's safety rules. Please see here.

The below rules are for general guidlines.

A. Vehicle description

1. Must be a rear-wheel drive, factory produced, compact sedan, coupe, or light truck.

2. No mid-engine or rear-engine vehicle allowed.

3. Vehicle must weigh 1lb per CC, no lose weight of any type on

or in the vehicle.!!!!!!! ) And a max. Of 2600 cc ( 2.6 liter’s) engine size. Car must weigh 75lbs more if using aluminum heads.

B. Body & Frame

1. Body must be steel or aluminum.

2. Plastic or fiberglass nose section allowed.

3. Tube frames must use stock front & rear stubs and must be steel. (Frame connectors).

4. Frame or sub-frames (stubs) must match suspension used.

5. Pickup bodies must have a tonneau cover over bed area.

6. Doors may be gutted and welds, straps, bolts, or rivets must secure them.

7. Weight- jacks are allowed.

8. Any type shock absorbers, including coil-over, may be used.

9. Differential must be semi-floating type, and quick-change type rears are not allowed.

10. Spindles must be O.E.M.

11. A mandatory protective screen must cover the full windshield opening, securely fastened, to top and bottom, with vertical support centered, max. ½” sq. openings

12. Spoilers may be no higher then 8" from mounting point, no wings.

13. Must have at least three working brakes.

14. No open front wheels.

C. Engine

1. In-line, single-camshaft, 4-cylinder engines only.

2. Engine displacement must not exceed 2,600 cubic centimeters.

3. No purpose-built race engines, such as Cosworth, Indy, etc.
4. Using, Esslinger-Ford Motorsports aluminum head, M-6049-E23A. Car must add 75 lbs. But this rule, as all others, will be monitored during the season and are subject to change, if deemed appropriate by the WSCD rules Committee.

5. Engine and transmission brand must match (e.g. Toyota engine with Toyota transmission; Ford engine with Ford transmission).

6. Engine setbacks allowed, but front spark plug must be not more than 3 inches behind spindle centerline.

7. Single-disc, stock- appearing clutch only; no Ram couplers, etc. allowed.

8. No aluminum flywheels unless factory “stock”.

9. No titanium allowed anywhere in the valve train.

10. Connecting rods must be ferrous.

11. One, 2-barrel, downdraft carburetor only. Must flow less than 501 cfm.

12. No magneto or crank-trigger ignitions.

13. No dry-sump oiling systems. 

14. No roller camshafts or rocker's.

15. Only 2 valves per cylinder.

D. Tires and Wheels

1. Tires must be DOT radials or DOT re-treads.

2. No racing or other re-treads are allowed.

3. Tread wear rating must be visible on outside of tire, and must be greater than 100; durometer reading must be greater than 56.

4. Tread width measured across the top of the tire cannot exceed 8½ inches.

5. Grooving and sipping of tires is permitted.

6. Unacceptable tires include, but are not limited to, Dirt Bozz, A008, R-1, and others.

7. Any reinforced stock steel wheel or racing-type steel wheel may be used.

8. Wheel spacers must have a thickness not to exceed 1-inch.

9. Bead-locks are allowed, on right rear wheel only