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W.R.R.A Meetings are always the 2nd Wednesday of each month 7:00pm @ Las Margaritas
WRRA Meeting April 9th, 2015

Meeting was called to order by Michael. Minutes from the last meeting were read by Melinda. Motion was made by Nate to approve the minutes and Dan 2nd the motion. The treasures report was read by Melinda and we have $14,378.60 in the bank. Nate made the motion to approve the report and Ron 2nd the motion.

Michael stated that Sam was stepping down from being secretary do to personal reasons and any help to help Melinda would be appreciated.

Michael said the cleanup day on April 4th didn’t have many people show up. He had forgotten that Sunday was Easter. Michael wants to have 2 or 3 hours of work at the track before we have our test n tune on the 18th of April, from 9-12 and cars on the track after that. We’re still looking for volunteers for the front gate. An idea was maybe having different families take a night running the front gate. During the test n tune the announcer is going to try out the booth. The lights haven’t been delivered from Florida Canyon, Michael will check with Joel Murphy with the drag strip to check the status.

We are still pushing membership. When we have our test n tunes, people wanting to test their cars have to be members. We will have membership forms at the track. If you are going to be running for track points you need to be a member. If we need to do extra work at the track, Michael would like to do work on the Sunday after the test n tune. Those dates would be April 19th and May 3rd.

We asked Loree Banton to come up with some advertising for our schedule for this year. She had a post card sample and a poster made up that Nate brought to the meeting. They looked very nice and we voted to have 8000 postcards with our schedule on it to be sent to all county residents. The posters we will hang up around town at various spots. Domenick was wondering if we couldn’t have last year’s winners on the posters. I will contact Loree and see if my pictures will work. Domenick asked about a business size card with the schedule on it. He had one that someone from the drag strip had given him. I will check with Loree for a price.

 DCONN had a meeting and they discussed doing throw away points for their dwarf car class, for this season. Instead of the throw away points, DCONN came up with a driver could miss 2 races this season and still get points. Nate explained for each race missed, the driver would pay their entry fee and receive last place points. DCONN figured this would help the driver if he couldn’t make a race, they would still get points and it would still bring money into the track. Nate said as long as the driver had their money paid by the next race, they would receive their points. I had a few problems with how this procedure would work and asked them if I could rewrite how I think it should be presented. People attending the meeting agreed. I came up with the following:
DCONN for the 2015 race season would like to add to their rules; a driver can miss 2 races and still get points. A driver is allowed to miss 2 races during the race season. By doing this the driver needs to pay his or her entry fee prior to or by the end of the race night they are missing. The driver will be given last place points depending on the car count for that night. Buy in points are not part of the purse. Shawn made the motion to approve and Dan 2nd the motion.  
Butch brought up about tires in the pure stock class. Street tires are harder to come by and wants Hoosier G60’s to be added for tires to be used. He would like the siped tire rule to be taken out. Motion made to approve this motion and Dan 2nd the motion.

Hunewill will be out after the 1st test n tune to work on the track.  

Jimmy still didn’t hear from IMCA about our schedule so we are going to race the dates we presented to them.

Water truck needs some work. Nate said that Steve Kennr will go over the truck for us for free since we have let the drag strip use the truck and various times.

Nate made a motion for the meeting to be adjourned and Shawn 2nd the motion.

The next meeting will be May 13th, 2015 at 7:00PM at Las Margaritas.