W.R.R.A Meetings are always the 2nd Wednesday of each month 7:00pm @ Las Margaritas
WRRA Meeting March 12, 2014

The meeting was called to order at 7:06 pm by Mike. Sam read the minutes from the February 12, 2014 meeting. KC moved to approve the minutes and Dan 2nd the motion. Melinda read the treasurer’s report. We have a balance of $23,380.32. Lee moved to approve the report and KC 2nd the motion.  

Mike went over the old business and let us know that Anne Sample has been paid, the new LED sign has arrived and is working and that he still has a few raffle tickets for the pistol and any that have been sold need to be turned into Melinda as soon as possible. 

The Swap Meet information has been uploaded onto the website. It will be $24 a slot for vendors and $2 admission. People that come to the swap meet will receive a $2 off voucher for admission to the race. Shawn is trying to get the Tortilla Factory to purchase a slot so they can “cater” the event. Mike needs help to go to the fairgrounds and inspect and pick up the orange plastic fencing that will be used to fence of the parking lot. We also need somebody to put flyers on cars the night of the 4th that are parked in the lot informing them that they need to be gone by morning or they will be towed. Lori has made posters and flyers to be put up around town and Dom has agreed to put them in customers’ bags at O’Reilly. She made the posters for free for the first year of doing the swap meet.  

Lori discussed advertising options that she came up with. We voted to do direct mail postcards, 11”x17” color posters and flyers that businesses can hand out. We gave lori a $3,600 budget for the advertising. Lee moved we approve the plans and Dom 2nd the motion. Holly from the Humboldt sun said that her boss approved us getting “free” advertising for $1,000 not the $750 that had been discussed and Mike said he already talked to her and said that we were not interested in doing business with them.  

Nate has been in contact with Janine about the water meter. She is looking into options for different meters. She has given him a quote on the sprinkler system with 1 ¼ inch pipe but is going to get new prices for 2 inch pipe. Nate is getting different plans for different types of sprinklers, oscilating, rainbirds, pop ups. Janine is giving us 100% dealer pricing with no mark up and we are looking at about $3,000.

Lori asked if the price of admission would change since all the events are considered special events. We agreed that prices will now be $10 general admission, $5 senior and kids and 12 and under are free. KC moved to approve the changes and Nedra 2nd the motion.  

Aaron’s is donating a 60 inch tv for the Aaron’s Day raffle. They will print up tickets and sell them. They would like 50 free tickets for admission to give out to big customers for the night of the drawing. They will use one of their delivery vans as the pace car and have been told they might slide off the track. They will also have a booth set up and have tshirts, stuffed toys and hats to give out at the race. Lee said we should make them a sponsor for that race. Aaron’s day will be the August 8th and 9th races. 
Cory Sample wants to start an I-80 challenge. It will be open to racers from Elko to Fernley and Fallon. Each track will get one weekend with no overlapping races. The races will have a title sponsor he already has one lined up for $3,000 and will not cost the track anything. They will include all car classes and pay the top 10 spots. Winnemucca is planning to hold it on June 20th and 21st that way we will be able to see if it will be worth us holding the event and vote on it at our June meeting. Melinda asked how points will be tracked. There will be 2 sets of points, normal track points and the challenge points. There will be normal end of the night payouts with a bonus amount depending on cars. There would also be a separate end of the year banquet to thank sponsors and receive end of the year payouts. Must be present to receive the end of year bonuses. For more information you can check out the I80.com website.

Lee moved to adjourn the meeting and Nedra 2nd the motion. 

Next meeting will be April 9th, 2014 at 7pm at Las Margaritas.