Battle Mountain and Winnemucca
Combined Points Track Championship

1.Races that count for combined points:
    A.April 19th & 20th 
    B.May 3rd & 4th 
    C.May 17th & 18th 
    D.May 31st & June 1st 
    E.June 21st & 22nd 
    F.June 29th BM 
    G.July 12th & 13th 
    H.July 26th & 27th 
    I.August 23rd & 24th 
    J.September 20th Winn 

2.14 of the 18 above races will determine the track champions in the following classes: 
    A.Pure Stock
    B.Pro Stock
    C.Mini Modified
    E.IMCA Modifies

3.To qualify for combined track champ you must earn points in at least 5 races at Winnemucca and 5 races in Battle Mountain. 

4.Heat races ONLY AT BM RACEWAY will include points half the amount as mains. 

5.BONUS POINTS: A half point will be awarded to anyone that shows up to the track for all 18 of the above indicated races (that means you pay for entrance at pit gate with the intent to race). 

6.There must be at least a minimum of 3 cars in each class to have combined track champ.

7.Races that do not count for combined points: 
    A.August 9th & 10th Ken Howard and Bruce Crowley Memorial
    B.September 13th & 14th Silver Cup