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Track status

by Mike Scott on 04/16/13

It appears that all the track work is now complete.  Bleacher planks are replaced, speakers are installed, walls are painted, tin is up on back of bleachers,  lights are fixed, pit work is completed, weeds are burned, our score trailer is moved and wired, new red-green-yellow light installed at flag stand, track is bladed and prepped, garbage is picked up, turn 4 wall is completed.

Now all we need is a bunch of race cars to come out on Friday night and see how fast they are.

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1. LoreeB said on 4/22/13 - 05:22AM
The track complex looks absolutely awesome! All of the volunteers did an incredible job. You have made it clean and comfortable for both the spectators and the racers! We appreciate all the work you all have done to make our racetrack look presentable and professional!!
2. MIke said on 4/22/13 - 08:01AM
Thank You

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