Next Meeting April 9th, 2014
Official Schedule for 2014
All events are "All Classes"

Test and Tune and Work/Cleanup Day - April 19th
Test and Tune and Work/Cleanup Day - May 3rd

May 9th and 10th - Keith Sayers FMX Show Check This Out!
June 20th and 21st - Playn' For Keeps Monster Truck

Winnemucca Combined Points - July 11th*
Lovelock Combined Points  - July 12th**

August 8th and 9th - American Daredevil and Leon Gilliam

Rain Day - Aug 15th

Sept 12th and 13th Vince Morgan FMX Show - Aaron's Night

​*July 11th is a Winnemucca Race Day
**July 12th is a Lovelock Race Day 

If you race both Winnemucca on the 11th of July, and Lovelock on the 12th of July, you will be automatically eligible to win a additional $500.00 ($250.00 from each track) for the most combined points from both tracks. This is paid per class.