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Next Meeting June 12th, 7pm-Model T

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Schedule for 2019 

Friday June 14th 7pm
Friday July 12th 7pm
Friday July 26th 7pm
Friday August 23rd 7pm
Friday September 13th 7pm
Congratulations to our feature winners from the June 2nd Double Header
High Desert Classic - I-80 Challenge

Modified 1st - Race Ryan McDaniel
Modified 2nd - Race Robert Miller
Dwarfs 1st and 2nd Race - Josh King
Hobby Stock 1st Race - Brian Thorp
Hobby Stock 2nd Race - Ray Davis
Sprint Car 1st Race - Dalton Cristiani
Sprint Car 2nd Race - Bob Cooney
Mini Mod 1st Race - Bob Gardner
Mini Mod 2nd Race - Jim Durant
Pure Stock 1st and 2nd Race - Walt Frazier